Water Dualtype Pokèmon List

Explore the list of 102 Dualtype Water-type Pokémon, perfect to solve the PokeDoku puzzle game or any other Pokèmon Wordle-type games.

Image Name
poliwrath's Pokémon POLIWRATH
tentacool's Pokémon TENTACOOL
tentacruel's Pokémon TENTACRUEL
slowpoke's Pokémon SLOWPOKE
slowbro's Pokémon SLOWBRO
dewgong's Pokémon DEWGONG
cloyster's Pokémon CLOYSTER
starmie's Pokémon STARMIE
gyarados's Pokémon GYARADOS
lapras's Pokémon LAPRAS
omanyte's Pokémon OMANYTE
omastar's Pokémon OMASTAR
kabuto's Pokémon KABUTO
kabutops's Pokémon KABUTOPS
chinchou's Pokémon CHINCHOU
lanturn's Pokémon LANTURN
marill's Pokémon MARILL
azumarill's Pokémon AZUMARILL
wooper's Pokémon WOOPER
quagsire's Pokémon QUAGSIRE
slowking's Pokémon SLOWKING
qwilfish's Pokémon QWILFISH
corsola's Pokémon CORSOLA
mantine's Pokémon MANTINE
kingdra's Pokémon KINGDRA
marshtomp's Pokémon MARSHTOMP
swampert's Pokémon SWAMPERT
lotad's Pokémon LOTAD
lombre's Pokémon LOMBRE
ludicolo's Pokémon LUDICOLO
wingull's Pokémon WINGULL
pelipper's Pokémon PELIPPER
surskit's Pokémon SURSKIT
carvanha's Pokémon CARVANHA
sharpedo's Pokémon SHARPEDO
barboach's Pokémon BARBOACH
whiscash's Pokémon WHISCASH
crawdaunt's Pokémon CRAWDAUNT
spheal's Pokémon SPHEAL
sealeo's Pokémon SEALEO
walrein's Pokémon WALREIN
relicanth's Pokémon RELICANTH
empoleon's Pokémon EMPOLEON
bibarel's Pokémon BIBAREL
gastrodon's Pokémon GASTRODON
mantyke's Pokémon MANTYKE
palkia's Pokémon PALKIA
palpitoad's Pokémon PALPITOAD
seismitoad's Pokémon SEISMITOAD
tirtouga's Pokémon TIRTOUGA
carracosta's Pokémon CARRACOSTA
ducklett's Pokémon DUCKLETT
swanna's Pokémon SWANNA
frillish's Pokémon FRILLISH
jellicent's Pokémon JELLICENT
keldeo-ordinary's Pokémon KELDEO-ORDINARY
greninja's Pokémon GRENINJA
binacle's Pokémon BINACLE
barbaracle's Pokémon BARBARACLE
skrelp's Pokémon SKRELP
volcanion's Pokémon VOLCANION
primarina's Pokémon PRIMARINA
mareanie's Pokémon MAREANIE
toxapex's Pokémon TOXAPEX
dewpider's Pokémon DEWPIDER
araquanid's Pokémon ARAQUANID
wimpod's Pokémon WIMPOD
golisopod's Pokémon GOLISOPOD
bruxish's Pokémon BRUXISH
tapu-fini's Pokémon TAPU-FINI
drednaw's Pokémon DREDNAW
cramorant's Pokémon CRAMORANT
dracovish's Pokémon DRACOVISH
arctovish's Pokémon ARCTOVISH
basculegion-male's Pokémon BASCULEGION-MALE
quaquaval's Pokémon QUAQUAVAL
veluza's Pokémon VELUZA
tatsugiri's Pokémon TATSUGIRI
iron-bundle's Pokémon IRON-BUNDLE
walking-wake's Pokémon WALKING-WAKE
rotom-wash's Pokémon ROTOM-WASH
keldeo-resolute's Pokémon KELDEO-RESOLUTE
gyarados-mega's Pokémon GYARADOS-MEGA
swampert-mega's Pokémon SWAMPERT-MEGA
sharpedo-mega's Pokémon SHARPEDO-MEGA
slowbro-mega's Pokémon SLOWBRO-MEGA
greninja-battle-bond's Pokémon GRENINJA-BATTLE-BOND
greninja-ash's Pokémon GRENINJA-ASH
araquanid-totem's Pokémon ARAQUANID-TOTEM
cramorant-gulping's Pokémon CRAMORANT-GULPING
cramorant-gorging's Pokémon CRAMORANT-GORGING
urshifu-rapid-strike's Pokémon URSHIFU-RAPID-STRIKE
lapras-gmax's Pokémon LAPRAS-GMAX
drednaw-gmax's Pokémon DREDNAW-GMAX
urshifu-rapid-strike-gmax's Pokémon URSHIFU-RAPID-STRIKE-GMAX
samurott-hisui's Pokémon SAMUROTT-HISUI
palkia-origin's Pokémon PALKIA-ORIGIN
basculegion-female's Pokémon BASCULEGION-FEMALE
tauros-paldea-aqua-breed's Pokémon TAUROS-PALDEA-AQUA-BREED
tatsugiri-droopy's Pokémon TATSUGIRI-DROOPY
tatsugiri-stretchy's Pokémon TATSUGIRI-STRETCHY
ogerpon-wellspring-mask's Pokémon OGERPON-WELLSPRING-MASK