Ghost Dualtype Pokèmon List

Explore the list of 72 Dualtype Ghost-type Pokémon, perfect to solve the PokeDoku puzzle game or any other Pokèmon Wordle-type games.

Image Name
gastly's Pokémon GASTLY
haunter's Pokémon HAUNTER
gengar's Pokémon GENGAR
shedinja's Pokémon SHEDINJA
sableye's Pokémon SABLEYE
drifloon's Pokémon DRIFLOON
drifblim's Pokémon DRIFBLIM
spiritomb's Pokémon SPIRITOMB
froslass's Pokémon FROSLASS
rotom's Pokémon ROTOM
giratina-altered's Pokémon GIRATINA-ALTERED
frillish's Pokémon FRILLISH
jellicent's Pokémon JELLICENT
litwick's Pokémon LITWICK
lampent's Pokémon LAMPENT
chandelure's Pokémon CHANDELURE
golett's Pokémon GOLETT
golurk's Pokémon GOLURK
honedge's Pokémon HONEDGE
doublade's Pokémon DOUBLADE
aegislash-shield's Pokémon AEGISLASH-SHIELD
phantump's Pokémon PHANTUMP
trevenant's Pokémon TREVENANT
pumpkaboo-average's Pokémon PUMPKABOO-AVERAGE
gourgeist-average's Pokémon GOURGEIST-AVERAGE
hoopa's Pokémon HOOPA
decidueye's Pokémon DECIDUEYE
sandygast's Pokémon SANDYGAST
palossand's Pokémon PALOSSAND
mimikyu-disguised's Pokémon MIMIKYU-DISGUISED
dhelmise's Pokémon DHELMISE
lunala's Pokémon LUNALA
marshadow's Pokémon MARSHADOW
blacephalon's Pokémon BLACEPHALON
runerigus's Pokémon RUNERIGUS
dreepy's Pokémon DREEPY
drakloak's Pokémon DRAKLOAK
dragapult's Pokémon DRAGAPULT
basculegion-male's Pokémon BASCULEGION-MALE
skeledirge's Pokémon SKELEDIRGE
ceruledge's Pokémon CERULEDGE
bramblin's Pokémon BRAMBLIN
brambleghast's Pokémon BRAMBLEGHAST
annihilape's Pokémon ANNIHILAPE
flutter-mane's Pokémon FLUTTER-MANE
gholdengo's Pokémon GHOLDENGO
poltchageist's Pokémon POLTCHAGEIST
sinistcha's Pokémon SINISTCHA
giratina-origin's Pokémon GIRATINA-ORIGIN
aegislash-blade's Pokémon AEGISLASH-BLADE
pumpkaboo-small's Pokémon PUMPKABOO-SMALL
pumpkaboo-large's Pokémon PUMPKABOO-LARGE
pumpkaboo-super's Pokémon PUMPKABOO-SUPER
gourgeist-small's Pokémon GOURGEIST-SMALL
gourgeist-large's Pokémon GOURGEIST-LARGE
gourgeist-super's Pokémon GOURGEIST-SUPER
gengar-mega's Pokémon GENGAR-MEGA
sableye-mega's Pokémon SABLEYE-MEGA
marowak-alola's Pokémon MAROWAK-ALOLA
oricorio-sensu's Pokémon ORICORIO-SENSU
mimikyu-busted's Pokémon MIMIKYU-BUSTED
mimikyu-totem-disguised's Pokémon MIMIKYU-TOTEM-DISGUISED
mimikyu-totem-busted's Pokémon MIMIKYU-TOTEM-BUSTED
marowak-totem's Pokémon MAROWAK-TOTEM
necrozma-dawn's Pokémon NECROZMA-DAWN
yamask-galar's Pokémon YAMASK-GALAR
calyrex-shadow's Pokémon CALYREX-SHADOW
gengar-gmax's Pokémon GENGAR-GMAX
typhlosion-hisui's Pokémon TYPHLOSION-HISUI
zorua-hisui's Pokémon ZORUA-HISUI
zoroark-hisui's Pokémon ZOROARK-HISUI
basculegion-female's Pokémon BASCULEGION-FEMALE