Electric Dualtype Pokèmon List

Explore the list of 57 Dualtype Electric-type Pokémon, perfect to solve the PokeDoku puzzle game or any other Pokèmon Wordle-type games.

Image Name
magnemite's Pokémon MAGNEMITE
magneton's Pokémon MAGNETON
zapdos's Pokémon ZAPDOS
chinchou's Pokémon CHINCHOU
lanturn's Pokémon LANTURN
magnezone's Pokémon MAGNEZONE
rotom's Pokémon ROTOM
emolga's Pokémon EMOLGA
joltik's Pokémon JOLTIK
galvantula's Pokémon GALVANTULA
stunfisk's Pokémon STUNFISK
thundurus-incarnate's Pokémon THUNDURUS-INCARNATE
zekrom's Pokémon ZEKROM
helioptile's Pokémon HELIOPTILE
heliolisk's Pokémon HELIOLISK
dedenne's Pokémon DEDENNE
charjabug's Pokémon CHARJABUG
vikavolt's Pokémon VIKAVOLT
togedemaru's Pokémon TOGEDEMARU
tapu-koko's Pokémon TAPU-KOKO
toxel's Pokémon TOXEL
toxtricity-amped's Pokémon TOXTRICITY-AMPED
morpeko-full-belly's Pokémon MORPEKO-FULL-BELLY
dracozolt's Pokémon DRACOZOLT
arctozolt's Pokémon ARCTOZOLT
pawmo's Pokémon PAWMO
pawmot's Pokémon PAWMOT
wattrel's Pokémon WATTREL
kilowattrel's Pokémon KILOWATTREL
sandy-shocks's Pokémon SANDY-SHOCKS
iron-hands's Pokémon IRON-HANDS
iron-thorns's Pokémon IRON-THORNS
miraidon's Pokémon MIRAIDON
rotom-heat's Pokémon ROTOM-HEAT
rotom-wash's Pokémon ROTOM-WASH
rotom-frost's Pokémon ROTOM-FROST
rotom-fan's Pokémon ROTOM-FAN
rotom-mow's Pokémon ROTOM-MOW
thundurus-therian's Pokémon THUNDURUS-THERIAN
ampharos-mega's Pokémon AMPHAROS-MEGA
raichu-alola's Pokémon RAICHU-ALOLA
geodude-alola's Pokémon GEODUDE-ALOLA
graveler-alola's Pokémon GRAVELER-ALOLA
golem-alola's Pokémon GOLEM-ALOLA
vikavolt-totem's Pokémon VIKAVOLT-TOTEM
oricorio-pom-pom's Pokémon ORICORIO-POM-POM
togedemaru-totem's Pokémon TOGEDEMARU-TOTEM
toxtricity-low-key's Pokémon TOXTRICITY-LOW-KEY
morpeko-hangry's Pokémon MORPEKO-HANGRY
toxtricity-amped-gmax's Pokémon TOXTRICITY-AMPED-GMAX
toxtricity-low-key-gmax's Pokémon TOXTRICITY-LOW-KEY-GMAX
voltorb-hisui's Pokémon VOLTORB-HISUI
electrode-hisui's Pokémon ELECTRODE-HISUI
miraidon-low-power-mode's Pokémon MIRAIDON-LOW-POWER-MODE
miraidon-drive-mode's Pokémon MIRAIDON-DRIVE-MODE
miraidon-aquatic-mode's Pokémon MIRAIDON-AQUATIC-MODE
miraidon-glide-mode's Pokémon MIRAIDON-GLIDE-MODE